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Morningstar Category 3yr Std Dev %
7IM Active Adventurous 56.00 GBP Allocation 80%+ Equity 9.03
7IM Active Adventurous Plus 102.14 Global Large-Cap Blend Equity 9.86
7IM Active Balanced 35.14 GBP Allocation 40-60% Equity 7.48
7IM Active Cautious 19.55 GBP Allocation 0-20% Equity 6.09
7IM Active Moderately Adventurous 46.70 GBP Allocation 60-80% Equity 8.2
7IM Active Moderately Cautious 24.77 GBP Allocation 20-40% Equity 6.77
7IM Blended Adventurous 56.41 GBP Allocation 80%+ Equity 8.35
7IM Blended Adventurous Plus 61.36 GBP Allocation 80%+ Equity
7IM Blended Balanced 35.42 GBP Allocation 40-60% Equity 6.7
7IM Blended Cautious 19.56 GBP Allocation 0-20% Equity 5.44
7IM Blended Income 34.85 GBP Allocation 40-60% Equity 7.22
7IM Blended Moderately Adventurous 46.95 GBP Allocation 60-80% Equity 7.47
7IM Blended Moderately Cautious 24.89 GBP Allocation 20-40% Equity 6
7IM Passive Adventurous 61.28 GBP Allocation 80%+ Equity 9.16
7IM Passive Adventurous Plus 94.83 Global Large-Cap Blend Equity 9.34
7IM Passive Balanced 39.81 GBP Allocation 40-60% Equity 7.92
7IM Passive Cautious 19.78 GBP Allocation 0-20% Equity
7IM Passive Moderately Adventurous 50.91 GBP Allocation 60-80% Equity 8.44
7IM Passive Moderately Cautious 26.29 GBP Allocation 20-40% Equity 7.42
7IM Responsible Choice Adv Plus 63.03 GBP Allocation 80%+ Equity

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